Cocktail Hour: The Caipirinha

This simple Brazilian cocktail – just lime, sugar, cachaça (a sugarcane juice liquor), and ice – has a complex history. Anney and Lauren dip into the stories behind the caipirinha.

Cephalopods: They Ink, Therefore We Eat

The rich inks that squid and cuttlefish produce for self-defense make striking food colorings and flavorings. Anney and Lauren dive into the deep, slightly obscured history and science of cephalopod ink.

Reducing Food Waste at Home

Food waste is a global problem, but most of it happens locally — in our homes. Anney and Lauren chat with food historian Dr. Julia Skinner about fun and tasty ways to prevent waste and preserve abundance.

Arugula: It's Not Rocket Science

This leafy green has a peppery bite – that ‘hot’ nature is likely responsible for its long history of being regarded as an aphrodisiac. Anney and Lauren explore the history and science of arugula (also known as rocket).

Fictional Foods: Star Wars Edition

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (or now, in a kitchen or theme park near you) the foods and drinks portrayed in Star Wars help bring the story to life. Anney and Lauren explore the sustenance of Star Wars. May the foods be with you!

Savor’s Takeaway on Fish and Chips

Although it’s now considered one of the national dishes of the U.K., fish and chips as we know it is less than two centuries old. Anney and Lauren dive into how fried fish and fried potatoes became such good companions.

The Bleeding Edge of Meat Alternatives

A new class of burgers is aiming to save the planet by converting beef eaters to plant-based alternatives that look, feel, and even bleed like meat. Anney and Lauren explore the history and science behind Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, and other brands.

Stop and Smell the Lavender

This powerfully aromatic herb has been a medicinal staple for millennia and graces sweet and savory dishes alike today. Anney and Lauren delve into the long history and calming science of lavender.

Interview: Cookin' With Jazz

Regional cuisine is trendy, but it’s been the focus of New Orleans' restaurants for decades. We talk with restauranteur Richard 'Dickie' Brennan about growing up in Prudhomme and Emeril’s kitchens, how education empowers, and how New Orleanians live life.

Savor Classics: Sour Beer

Sour beers are the new big thing, but humanity‘s first brews had tart, funky flavors. In this classic episode, Anney and Lauren explore the long history and microbial science behind sour beers.