Sour Beer: Don't Call it a Comeback

Humans may have invented agriculture to make beer, and for millennia that beer was kinda sour. We explore the science and history of sour beer, plus the chemistry of flavor.

Expiration Dates: Best If Listened By

Expiration dates cause confusion and food waste -- Lauren and Anney do some demystifying (and talk about how a notorious gangster may have been involved with their inception).

The World Is Your Oyster

Oysters were one of humanity's first foods, and they've remained ragingly popular ever since. We dive into the biology, culinary history, and bloody piracy behind oysters.

Chuck E. Cheese's: Pizza, Intrigue, and Entertainment

A pizza-loving rat, a live band of animatronic animals, and beer on tap: We explore how a scheme to make more money off of arcade games became an international cultural phenomenon.

You Butter Believe It’s a Two-Parter: Part 2

What the heck is margarine, and how does it play in butter's history? Is it healthier to eat one versus the other? We wrap up our butterganza with these questions, plus cultural notes and cooking tips.

You Butter Believe It’s a Two-Parter: Part 1

Since before written history, humans have been mad about butter. (Er, sometimes literally angry.) We explore the slippery physics and surprising strife behind butter.

You Say Tomato, I Say Wolfpeach

Once considered deadly, the tomato has a fascinating history as a tax evader, protest device, and potential hallucinogen! GASP. There's also a lot of great science and nicknames involved in the tomato's story.

Fictional Foods: Butterbeer, from Book to Mug

Once a mere fantasy from the pages of "Harry Potter," butterbeer is now very real, very popular, and very delicious. In this new segment, we discuss the real-world history of a fictional food and its transition into reality.

Tofu: The Cheese of the Bean World

Tofu's multi-millennia history may or may not include an attempt at making an immortality elixir. Anney and Lauren take on the history, science, health, and environmental impact of tofu.

A Graham Cracker A Day to Keep Sin Away

Graham crackers, one-third of delightful campfire s'mores, originated as a bland health food peddled by a temperance preacher. We explore how they became the treats they are today.